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Flowers for Aquarius

Flowers and fauna under Aquarian's rule include:
Solomon's seal
Golden rain
Birds of paradise
Gladiolus Trillium

Trees :

Flowers to be gifted for birthday of the Zodiacs:
February (Aquarius) - Violet , Primrose

Aquarius - Amaryllis

Amaryllis Flower

Aquarians claim that they are different from the crowd and their moves would be strange from the ordinary. Hence their favorite flower would be Amaryllis, as it is one of a kind among flowers. This flower blooms in a different season unlike the other flowering plants. White in color and with crimson colored vein running in, this flower is also called the naked lady. It is a different sort of flower representing the character of an Aquarian.

Flowers are something to look forward to gifting others to show our affection and love. Whatever be the occasion, flowers are a pleasurable part of our life. They are simply a sight to behold. There are a variety of flowers of different shapes, sizes, colors and aroma. Well then how do you choose a flower for yourself or others. Each zodiac sign is attributed to particular flowers which help the native to resonate in tune with it. Find out which flower suits you best based on your zodiac sign...

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