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Aquarius at work & Occupation

Aquarius at Job & Work

What do they do at Workplace? Which career will suit you as per astrology and horoscope. Which job is favourable.
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Aquarius at Leisure

Aquarius at Leisure

Do you like to relax?
Are you adventourous?
How do you get exhausted?
Are you calm?

Aquarius at leisure


Aquarius Beauty & Fashion

Fashion & Style

Style and fashion horoscope.Aquarians like to dress unconventionally.

Aquarius Fashion


Aquarius & Finance

Finance Horoscope

Finance astrology a much sought after tool to decideupon before investing, trading or taking major financial decisions.

Aquarius & Finance


Medical Ailments and Yoga

Medical Astrology

Medical astrology is called as Iatromathematics, an ancient medical system associating parts of the body to, diseases under influence of planets.The signs of the zodiac maped with the parts of the body.
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Numerology predictions and forecast based upon your date of birth.
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Do you know how Aquarius say Sorry?

Aquarius apology

Apology can be said as an expression of regret, it can be by words, deeds or body language also.

Apology & Aquarius


Myths surrounding Aquarius

Myths sorrounding Aquarius

Myths - The untold truth or false story. The main character in a myth can also be a zodiac sign. The myth is also a sacred narration for transformation of the present world.

Aquarius & Myths



Who gives to all a helping hand,
But bows his head to no command

And higher laws doth understand?
Inventor, genius and superman??
He is the Aquarius!!!

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Ruling Planet
Ruling House
:11'th House
: Air Air

Aquarius Manaquarius Woman


Aquarius is a sign which is difficult to understand what love is and is also very hard to fall in love with. They are characters who make love with their minds. Generally for Aquarians it is difficult to get to an intimate level. But however as there are exceptions for every thing similar is also with this sign, when the moon or Venus are in prominent positions in their birthcharts.When they find the right partner for them they do all their best to keep them happy and also remain truly loyal to them.But at times they end up in a mess because of their strange habits and cold attitude.

They are also at times exhibiting their weak personality of finding difficulty in fighting against emotionally charged situations, though they never have an intention to hurt or escape from the situation. Their quality of natural magnetism and ability to talk their way in or out of anything usually helps and many remain with the partner of their choice for a lifetime. But there are also cases who jump from season to season looking for newer excitement and considering themselves as a devoted partner.

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